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    'Manage Alerts' vs Advanced Alert Manager


      I apologize if this isn't the correct location to post this.  I did some searching first and I couldn't find the answer to this.  My formal question is: How do I turn on the 'Manage Alerts' feature in Solarwinds instead of using the 'Advanced Alert Manager' through logging onto the Solarwinds server?


      Right now, if I want to create, modify, or delete an Alert, I have to RDP to the Solarwinds Server, go to Start > All Programs > Solarwinds > Advanced Alert Manager and manipulate them there.  As a nuisance as this is, the real challenge is that the Advanced Alert Manager is not as robust as the 'Manage Alerts' area that I often see referred to in Solar Winds documentation and it makes managing Alerts something of a pain.


      In the Advanced Alert Manager, creating a rule looks something like this:



      Where the Alert Trigger conditions don't seem to allow me to throw in 'and' or 'or' statements, and while there is an 'insert complex condition' option, it really isn't intuitive.  Conversely, I see many posts where people are using the Manage Alerts area (documentation says its under Alerts > Manage Alerts but that doesn't exist for me in our environment for some reason).


      Is this a versioning problem?  Do I need to make some change I haven't yet?


      Thanks for your help and your time.