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    Hyper-V VM Real-time Memory Calculations Correct or Not? - No Graphing


      In VMAN v6.3 (& v6.2), VMAN's equation for collecting current memory usage within the VM is (Assigned Memory / Maximum Memory = Current Utilization). I feel this is incorrect and should be considered for change or a product request in the next version to (Memory Demand / Maximum Memory = Current Utilization). This is further supported in Hyper-V Manager or by running PerfMon within the VM itself and equals the correct % of vMem and then SW can address the graphing to represent that.


      Currently, VMAN graphing only works if you have Dynamic Memory enabled on your Hyper-V VM which is fine but if you want true performance out of your VM's, the best practice is to use Static Memory. I'd like to see VMAN work for either option/configuration with graphing that reflects current memory demand.


      Any thoughts from other Hyper-V admins?