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    WebHelpDesk REST API Qualifier assistance


      Hi there,


      I am in the process of integrating our reporting system with our WebHelpDesk ticketing system.  I am able to get a list of tickets, and extract ticket information, however, I need to be able to create a query/qualifier to get a list of tickets for a company.


      So far the API Documentation has not provided any guidance on what properties can be used to construct the qualifier, and it is a bit of a guessing game.


      Rather than continue a potentially endless guessing game, does anyone know how I can construct a qualifier that can select tickets based on the name of the company associated with the Client?  This is certainly possible through the normal web interface.


      What I have so far is:


      $qualifier = "(problemtype.problemTypeName %3D '<problemTypeName>') and (clientReporter.companyName %3D '<Customer Name>') and (reportDate >= '" . "2016-05-01T00:00:00Z" . "') and (reportDate < '" . "2016-09-01T00:00:00Z" . "')"


      Every time I try it, with variations of the "clientReporter.companyName" property I get an error as follows:


      clientReporter.CompanyName = \'<Customer Name>\') failed because attribute identified by key \'clientReporter.CompanyName\' was not reachable from from entity \'JobTicket\'


      Any assistance with getting this working would be greatly appreciated.


      Please let me know if you need any further information.




      John Berkers :: Senior Security Engineer

      IPSec Pty Ltd

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          Hi there again,


          I raised a support case with SolarWinds only to be told that they do not provide support for their API.  I feel that that is a pretty poor response, especially given the lack of documentation provided around what fields are usable in selecting a dataset.


          In the absence of a response here, I have spent a little bit of time experimenting with a number of possible field candidates until one worked.  I have found that the following works to provide the required result:


          clientReporter.company.companyName = '<company name>'


          The API Documentation does state "To reference nested attributes, use a period to join the components of the attribute path (e.g.,location.locationName)." However, there is nothing in the examples or field references to suggest that the above may work.


          I hope that this helps someone else that may be attempting to do a similar thing.




          John Berkers :: Senior Security Enginer

          IPSec Pty Ltd