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    Trying to update Alert Custom Property Flag (Salesforce_Case_Created) with SQL Statement upon an alert getting acknowledged and sorted by trigger time



      I created a custom property field on the Alert Object, called Salesforce_Case_created. It is basically a flag that I want to get updated on the "All Active Alerts" screen after my Salesforce to Solarwinds integration is finished running. I already setup a custom integration using Python which queries against the Solarwinds Alert Status View table to find the top 1 acknowledged alert sorted by date descending, and creates a case in Salesforce with alert info and custom property information. I have been stuck trying to figure out the best way to flip the Salesforce_Case_created flag, through an update SQL query in my Python script.

      For a day or so I have been looking at the AlertConfigurations/AlertConfigurationsCustomProperties tables to see if there is a good linkage between these tables and the alert tables, but haven't had much luck.

      Can you guys think of a SQL query or maybe some tables that I might not be considering to accomplish updating one of my 'alert' object custom properties based on an alert getting acknowledged?