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    Access issues when Load Balancing Additional Websites with F5


      Hopefully, someone else has run into this issue and can provide some direction.  When we initially switched over to F5 to load balance our 2 additional websites, we were using a cookie based persistence and that didn't work well.  Folks had to continuously clear their cookies and cache to access the website.  We changed over to source-IP based persistence and things seem to be working better but we are now seeing regular occurrences of the login URL (https://CNAME) changing to https://CNAME/Orion/Login.aspx?sessionTimeout=Yes and folks being prompted to login rather than being logged in automatically.  While our SolarWinds groups are set to disable the session timeout, I'm being told by my F5 admin that the F5 uses a persistence profile timeout value of 3600 seconds so I'm not sure how to get around this.


      Can anyone provide a recommendation on how our F5 should be configured for our Additional websites so folks don't get prompted for login?  Thanks for reading and any feedback you can provide.