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    change a tech back to a client


      Hello...I'm a newish WebHelpDesk user, still learning the ropes.  We had one of our clients temporarily take on a "tech" role.  At that point, her client account was linked to a tech account we created for her.  She is no longer serving as a tech role and I am trying to revoke her tech access. (I no longer want her to manage tickets and I do not want her using up one of my tech licenses).  I do, however, want her to be able to submit tickets as a client. I cannot figure out a way to remove her tech account while maintaining her client account.  Solarwinds support recommended disassociating the client account from the tech account and renaming the tech account to a different username.   This removed the client's tech access, but still leaves me with a tech license in use.  Does anyone have a better way?

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          In order to free up the license, all one needs to do is go to Setup > License > Tech Licensing, locate the desired tech in the list, and un-check the box to the left of their name.  From there, the instructions SolarWinds gave you are good and correct.


          If you really want, you can then go to Setup > Techs and delete the tech's account, but be warned that will remove their name from the "assigned tech" field in any previous tickets that were assigned to them.  I'd also recommend doing an advanced search (Tickets > Search Tickets > Advanced Search) to ensure they don't have any active tickets assigned to them.

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