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    New to Reports:  Blank Reports Section


      This is my first post here, so please bare with me.


      We have utilized the Solarwinds NPM and Netflow products for a few years, just at minimum monitoring, alerts, etc.  I just upgraded to NPM 12.0 and Netflow 4.2 yesterday and now have been tasked with getting some reports going, some manual, some scheduled.


      With NPM, we monitor anything infrastructure, from routers, switches to servers.  Some we only do a "ping" every 300 seconds, while on most servers we monitor volumes.


      Here is a report I need, and I can see from the web portal, I can import reports straight in using an XML file.  What I need is simple - just generate a report of uptime based on our circuits (we monitor both internal and external IP's on our MPLS).   Basically I'd like to do weekly, monthly and yearly, with each "node" be a line item with a percentage of up time broken down month to month with an average at the end.


      Anyone have a report template I can download and import (again, an XML file)?  Is there a library of user created reports I can sort through, download and import?