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    Custom metrics alert parameters


      I created a single value metrics for Oracle database . For testing purposes I use very simple query that returns random number in 0, 9 range (e.g . "select round(dbms_random.value() * 10) from dual" )  .

      The query itself works fine, and I put numbers in  Warning and Critical value in Alarm Threshold section . However, I don't understand how I can use this metrics while creating Alerts. In particular, I don't get what should be put into Calculation and Percentage dropdowns on Edit Alert page( Alert parameters section) .

      Minimum, Maximum, %, Average, etc don't seem to me as applicable to such an alert.   All I want is to run it with a given frequency , and alert if if value is greater than a specific number.

      I'm probably missing something, please advise.

      Thank you.