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    saved ndepth searches disappeared but email sent


      After I rebooted the appliance through putty, i lost the saved searches however the email is still being sent. I am unable to see the saved searches. Anyone experience this?

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          This may be what I'm experiencing. I have (had?) several saved nDepth searches configured. One sends an email daily, others weekly. All the emails are still being received. However, when I go back into nDepth and look at the bottom-left where the saved searches are, only one of them shows up. If I click on the gear icon for Saved Searches, and click "All Scheduled Searches", the remaining searches are present. But I cannot view/modify the criteria at all. I only have the option to delete them or cancel out of the window.


          So my current problem is I need to view and modify/update the search criteria for one of these saved searches, but it's no longer available to me. All I can do is delete the whole thing and start over.

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