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    Netflow bandwith issue


      We are gathering netflow data from a couple of our routers.

      However, we are finding that the netflow graphs seem messed up.

      We have a limit on the WAN interface on 30mbit (due to carrier restrictions). But, we frequently see this spikes with traffic on the last hour graphs.




      However, if we zoom out to last 24 hours, the graphs is correct.


      Is this a GUI-bug or is there some error with our Solarwindsconfig, or maybe netflow data?

      Have someone else experienced the same?

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          Majority of the time this is caused by not having the active timeout command configured on the Netflow sources.  Check to see if the commands below are configured.  The commands below are for Cisco devices but most other vendors also have this command available.


          By default most network devices export long-lived flows every 30 minutes which cause high spikes over what the circuit is configured for.  The recommended value is 1 minutes to ensure all Netflow cached data is exported every 1 minute.


          If using traditional Netflow version 5 this is the command


          ip flow-cache timeout active 1 ( in minutes)


          If you are using Flexible Netflow the command will be in the flow monitor configuration


          flow monitor NetFlow-Monitor
            description Original Netflow captures
            record ipv4
            exporter NetFlow-to-Orion
          cache timeout inactive 10
          cache timeout active 60 ( in seconds)


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