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    Web Help Desk REST API give Authentication Required error




      I try to develop web application using Web Help Desk REST api. I follow the all guides on solarwindws.com but always got above error.

      I saw many people got this problem but no one tell exact answer.

      This is my url to access api



      I have changed apiKey so may be link not working.


      Do we need to have https rather than http to access REST api?

      Do we need to give any permission on back end to enable REST api?

      if not what's wrong am I doing?

      I use Tech apiKey and username.

      out web login username is email  address, So, do I need to put email address for username?


      Thank you

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          Hi Eranga,


          I am in the process of writing a Perl Module to interface between our consolidated reporting system and the WHD API.  I found that I had issues with just using straight authentication, and have made use of the session-based authentication instead.  Having written the library in OO Perl, when I instantiate the object, I then perform a login, after which it uses the session key as the security token.


          Additionally, I would strongly recommend using https as otherwise you are exchanging authentication data in clear text.  My understanding is that, apart from generating the API Key, no other permissions are required in order to use the API.  Access to information is then controlled by whatever account you are using.  There is also the option of using an Application API Key, which would have complete access.


          At present I am using a Tech API Key, and am finding that this is working well for us.


          Essentially to get a session you need to first make a call to /ra/Session with the username and API Key supplied.  The response contains the Session key to use from then on.


          Hope that helps you out.




          John Berkers :: Senior Security Engineer

          IPSec Pty Ltd