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    SDK Introduction


      Would anyone be able to point me to an article or reference material where some very basic and easy tasks are completed using the API ? 

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          Have you read through https://github.com/solarwinds/OrionSDK/wiki?


          Let us know what your goals are and we can point you to something more specific.

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              Thanks for the quick response, just a little bit of background so you can see where I'm coming from.  I've been using the SLW application for about 4 years, I've been through every portion of the GUI several times over and use database manager for a number of things, custom SQL reporting, views ect..   I have a strong networking background, although my scripting/programming skills are novice.


              I have come to a point with this application where I am no longer learning other than coming across the random issue from "left field".  We are in the process of building out a QA/DEV environment and I wanted to use that opportunity to start getting very familiar with the API.  I have read github and watched your SolarWinds lab video.


              I am looking to start small with some basic tasks to help get myself more comfortable with the API and then build and grow upon those lessons/experiences.   We are a large organization with about 8 pollers, some of which are in STZ areas.  In your opinion what are some of the places the API can help with most ?  If I understood the capabilities a little better I could more easily provide some use cases.