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    UnDP Custom Chart is rounding to whole number




      I have created several dozen UnDP that are retrieving data from my power systems.  They are all working correctly and the transforms to manipulate the data to the proper kW, kVA, V, etc are also providing the correct numbers.


      However, when I place the Universal Device Poller Custom Chart on my view, all of the values are rounded to the nearest whole number.  i.e. voltage of 280.431 in the transform is graphed as 280.  I have been unable to find anyway to chart to the decimal point.


      Can anyone assist me in getting the chart to use, and display, out to at least 2 decimal points?  I have played with the "Units" but that seems to alter the displayed string, not the actual number.  Right now I have them set to "Empty".

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          I've seen something like this in the past. The web console of the PDU showed decimal places but the correlating SNMP OID rounded to whole numbers. Can you confirm that the SNMP value from the device is actually reporting the whole number? This would give a better idea on which troubleshooting path to take.


          There is a snmpwalk.exe tool that you can use on your SolarWinds server. It is located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion


          Run that tool and it'll save the entire SNMP tree to a text file. You can find the OID you'll pulling to check what value is being returned.

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              For each OID, I have 2 pollers built with the Orion Universal Device Poller on my Orion server (not the design studio) -

              The first retrieves the "raw" value from the device ... 93007

              The second transforms that to be an actual number by /1000 .... 93.007


              These numbers have been verified ...

              When I display the Transform results in my Custom UnDP Chart with "empty" units, it is rounded off to 93.

              Trying to use the buit-in, bytes, packets, whatever, will give the right number, but no way to change the label ...  93.007 bytes is supposed to be 93.007 amps.


              Right now I am playing with Custom Units and Custom Labels applied to both the "raw" poller and the "transform" poller. I think I may be able to get where I want to go with the custom units and custom labels, but even those are rounded to 2 decimal places - better than nothing.  :-)