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    Cisco ASA - Active VPN Peers


      Ok, so after 3 days of looking, testing I'm not able to get what I want I'm looking a way to have in NPM the list of active VPN peers any Cisco ASA has at one particular moment, something similar to run the command show vpn-sessiondb l2l which output you can see below.


      Session Type: LAN-to-LAN


      Connection   :

      Index        : 42                     IP Addr      :

      Protocol     : IKEv2 IPsec

      Encryption   : IKEv2: (1)AES256  IPsec: (2)AES256

      Hashing      : IKEv2: (1)SHA256  IPsec: (2)SHA256

      Bytes Tx     : 725455                 Bytes Rx     : 870198

      Login Time   : 12:39:31 CDT Thu Aug 11 2016

      Duration     : 1d 3h:41m:56s


      Connection   :

      Index        : 47                     IP Addr      :

      Protocol     : IKEv2 IPsecOverNatT

      Encryption   : IKEv2: (1)AES256  IPsecOverNatT: (1)AES256

      Hashing      : IKEv2: (1)SHA256  IPsecOverNatT: (1)SHA256

      Bytes Tx     : 2896                   Bytes Rx     : 2555

      Login Time   : 16:14:06 CDT Fri Aug 12 2016

      Duration     : 0h:07m:21s


      So far I have found great documentation and templates but all of them provide just the total and not the actual peers, in the output above the template/pollers will return the number two (2) but not the IPs of the peers ( & in this case.

      Any idea?

      Just for documentation, the best documentation I have found so far is: