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    Drive Space Alerts


      HI there!


      I hope this question hasn't been asked/answered yet, if so...I couldn't find it, so I apologize in advance.  I do know that there are custom alerts for Disk Free Space which returns values of either % free or space free (in MB).  My question is: is there a way to set up a custom alert in Ignite DPA that also includes the total space for the drive(s)?  For example, if we get an alert that sends out an email stating that there is 10% free space left on the D: drive, it would be beneficial to have in the email how much the total space for that D: drive is without having to take extra steps to get that information?


      Thank you

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          sorry for my english

          I did create "metric custom" for viewer counter of driver space used, well i wrote next code, you try in dev


          this query return 1 If one driver > 5


          declare @drivers as table(ID int identity(1,1), Driver Varchar(5), GBLibres int)

          Insert  into @drivers (Driver, GBLibres)

          exec XP_FIXEDDRIVES



          select Estatus

          From (


          Case when (GBLibres/1024) < 5  then 1 END as Estatus

          From @drivers ) as S

          Where s.Estatus is not null