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    Saved nDepth Searches Not Really Saved?


      Do saved searches not really save?


      In nDepth, I was using the search builder. I worked a long time to get a saved search just how I liked it, then hit "Save" in the upper right corner gear. Then I thought I would play with the criteria, tweak some things, deleted some things. Didn't like it... ok, I can just revert back to my original configuration, because it's "saved," right?


      But it won't come back. Log out, back in, and it's still in the messed up version, not the the base version I saved. Does "save" mean it's more of a placeholder in the "saved searches" box on the left, but the configuration of the search is subject to on-the-fly editing, with no way to "lock in" a preferred configuration?

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          I have been playing around a little bit with this to try to reproduce your problem but I am unable to. When I select a saved search from the bottom left Saved Searches menu, and then make a change to it, on either gear icon the Save option is grayed out for me, but the Save As option is available. The thing is when I use the Save As option, even if I name the search the exact same as the one I am working with, it will create another copy of that search, with the exact same name.


          I guess the best approach I could suggest with this is when you make changes to a saved search, to do a save as and then either delete the old one, or keep both and just give different names or version numbers or something like that. I have not done to much with saved searches so I learned something new today playing with that. Seems odd that there is no way to make a change to a search, but to just have to save a whole new copy of it if you make a change.