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    vCenter Server Appliance blank


      I recently added a pair of vCenter 6.0 Server Appliances to my NPM 11.5.3 instance.  However, the status is still unknown even hours later.  Cred tests pass just fine.  Is this a known issue with VCSA 6.0?



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          I have an open ticket with vmware regarding the CPU and memory problem that you're seeing.  It's been open since FEBRUARY We are still doing stupid basic troubleshooting and this guy is sending every response out for "consultation."  It's despicable service.  Rant over.


          Anyway, I have vcenter status as Up in my scenario, but average CPU and memory are pegged at 100% according to NPM.  It's definitely not the case when viewing in vcenter.  I have verified vcenter MOB URL is reporting correct information.  One thing that might be gumming up the works is that vsphere 6 disabled MOB by default on esxi hosts to increase security.  If they're reading data directly from hosts rather than from vcenter then perhaps that's an issue.  I did try enabling it for a bit on the host that my vCSA sat on but that didn't help so perhaps it's a red herring. 


          What I do know is that something is definitely wrong with polling vcenter appliances in NPM and I can't raise someone with enough knowledge at solarwinds who can do something about it.