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    Gauges in Network Atlas maps




      Is it possible for me to add gauges to network atlas maps? at the moment I just have figures for % utilization of an interface, but it would look much nicer with a gauge. If this isn't possible, are there any alternatives?



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          I just got off the phone with SolarWinds Customer Support and was told that this is a feature request that's currently being looked at right now. Don't know any other alternatives instead of turning on the link utilization colors in network atlas.

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              Hi All,


              I'm having an issue with the Connect Now option in Network Atlas.


              My two core switches are connected with each other with a Port-Channel with two cables connected to each other.

              When I used to connect these two nodes using Connect Now option, it's not able to connect.

              I didn't any error message.

              And I'm sure that the port channel is UP and the cables are intact with each other.


              Are you also facing the similar issue?


              Your help or guidance will be helpful




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