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    NPM 12 and screen real-estate

    Craig Norborg

      Finally got the powers-that-be to sign off on upgrading to NPM.  It was mostly due to the vastly different UI that caused the delay in our adoption of it.   Change is scary of course!! 


      I have to say though, the one biggest thing that I dislike a bit of NPM 12 vs 11.5 is how much screen space different resources take.   Anything with a graphic in it, like the up/down dots and such for up or down interfaces takes a TON of space.   Like this:


      That's a LOT of space for a few down interfaces.   As a result our screens are super long now!


      I'd love to see this "fixed" or maybe adjustable somehow.    I'd also love the ability to customize font sizes within a given resource too.   I hate it when information in one of my columns, like a date, wrap around..   Maybe the font or font-size just takes up too much space in this release...


      This doesn't seem to be a problem in the AJAX based "All Nodes" resource, it seems pretty good.


      Anyone else having the same experience?  Finding yourself scrolling down a lot further to get to your stuff on the same page?