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    What is the procedure to switch from WMI to Windows Agent polling when Agent already installed?


      I'm converting our systems that are currently monitored via WMI polling to using the Solarwinds Windows Agent. The Windows agent is being deployed by a 3rd party Enterprise software application, IBM BigFix. This prompts 2 questions:

      1. What is the easiest way to switch existing nodes from WMI to Agent polling?
      2. How will new systems with the Agent service installed and running be added to monitoring? Will sonar discovery detect the Agent on new systems and add (manage) them with Agent as the polling method? Or will it be a manual process?


      Here is my software banner so that you know what we are running.

           Orion Platform 2016.1.5300, IPAM 4.3.2, VNQM 4.2.4, NCM 7.5, NPM 12.0, DPA 10.0.1, QoE 2.1.0, NTA 4.2.0, IVIM 2.1.2, SAM 6.2.4, NetPath 1.0 © 1999-2016 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


      Updated: Solarwinds recognizes  installed agent. Doesn't switch pollng type automatically.


      Finally, I want to note that I am very impressed with the Agent. It's good making a node accessible to Solarwinds despite the tangled web of system firewalls, network firewalls, a million Windows domains, and other complications that normally make adding devices to monitoring a hair-pullng event. I'm going to test the Linux agent as soon as I get the chance.