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    Network Throughput between two specific nodes


      Happy Monday!


      I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers as to how I can utilize NPM and/or NTA to measure [and monitor] the throughput between 2 specific nodes on my network.

      I have two windows servers at different locations connected via MPLS and am experiencing issues with an application these servers host.

      I was just going to use iperf for this but figured Solarwinds should be able to do the job.

      I setup a Netpath between both nodes which is great but its only providing me with latency as opposed to network through and rate of speed.

      Any input is appreciated.

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          In the upper right-hand corner of NTA search by endpoint IP address for one of the IP's.  You will then see a list of collectors that have records to/from that particular IP address.  Expand on the node you wish to use for your search, and the respective interface.  Once there, you may very well be likely to see the other node in the Top XX Conversations listing.  If not, you may utilize the Flow Navigator on left pane and expand Conversations and input source and destination there to filter everything else out.

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