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    how can I get the custom field ID?


      Inside mail templates it's possible to use <custom_ID> tags where ID obviously is the ID (an integer) of the custom field, eg.:  <custom_12>.

      Unfortunately, I couldn't find the place in which the ID of a custom field is explicitated; it roughly corresponds to the Display Order, but since that one can be changed, the two may differ.

      Where is the authoritative info?

      thanks in advance

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          You are on the right path.  The display order is the integer that would be used in templates.  I read in an admin guide that you need to use caution if you change the display order field as that will change the data displayed by mail templates.  Not sure about any other way to prevent that.  So we have not messed with the display order field.  It has not been that much of an issue with people saying or asking for fields to be displayed in a different order.

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            We encountered similar frustrations so I use the following query to clarify the custom field values:

            SELECT ID





            WHERE DELETED = 0


            I hope this helps...

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