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    SolarWinds Event Log Consolidator


      Just installed SolarWinds Event Log Consolidator on my Windows 2012 R2 Standard Server


      Had to install netframe 3,51 first strange that solarwinds cant work with netframe 4.5 which 2012 installs but that's not my problem


      I have the free version and I am stuck on step one it will not allow me to add a server to monitor not even the one I have Event Log Consolidator installed on


      It fails the credentials test every time


      I have tried by ip address  by server name by fully qualified dns name


      The username domain\administrator




      confirm password


      I know what the password is I logon to this server every day


      I have tried every server on my network no luck they all logon with same account


      What am I doing wrong here


      This seems to be a very basic function should not have this kind of issue





      Message was edited by: Thomas Grassi I was not using LOCALHOST for the Servername  Now I have the Local Server added   Great. How do I select which LOG I want to monitor If I go into Windows Event Viewer I see Windows Logs Application Security Setup System Forwarded Events Can I select Forwarded Events Only if I can how do I do that?