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    New NPM12


      The new NPM 12 release is just beautiful. Gone is the tabbed system of previous Orion environments and along comes the menu options. This was long an issue i had with clients who wanted to create new tabs but could not. This is now possible to integrate cutom menus into the new environment. For those who dont know, NPM allows you to monitor your network hardware, utilization and resources via snmp, wmi, icmp or agent. The agent was an inginious solution of filtering wmi traffic through minimal port requirements making DMZ server monitoring possible. Also with the increase security of closing wmi on subnets on internal functions which was the norm in the middle east is now taking effect across Europe and the U.S. NPM 12 now supports agent deployment for Linux operating systems. Really is a great product and can be downloaded as an eveluation from www.solarwinds.com. You can also try the evaluation version at http://oriondemo.solarwinds.com/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?ViewID=119 . Really cant wait for my first deployment of NPM 12.


      by Mr. James McGuinness