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    How to put multiple Application Health Overview objects on one dashboard?


      I am working on creating a set of NOC dashboards, and for the applications portion, I would like to put multiple Application Health Overview objects on the page (SAM Summary, Exchange, SQL Server, and IIS.  On the existing pages, the overview is limited by a checkbox at the bottom of the configuration page, and typing in the limiting word/phrase, but this would affect ALL the overviews on the page, so I don't see any way to get all four overviews on the same page.  Does anyone have a solution for this?  I'm still pretty new to SolarWinds, so there may be a solution available, and I just don't know about it yet.  I did search this discussion group, but the 24000 hits I got were just too much (I did look and the first three pages, but then it became TL;DR).

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          Parker Robinson

          You are correct, if you apply a view limitation to the page, it will limit the data displayed in all resources added to the entire page to the set of objects you limit it to.


          I currently don't have access to test this, but it will be easy to try, and you will learn how valuable custom object resources are to custom dashboards in the process:

          create a new summary page and add "custom object" resources to the page.

          Preview the page and click Edit on one of the custom object resources.

          Select "AppInsight for SQL: Applications" from the object type drop down

          For Object(s), Select the Appinisght for SQL applications you want to include in the resource

          Select "Applications" for Object Resource


          This will display the health roll up health status for each AppInsight for SQL Application Monitor that you chose for Object.


          You can do the same for all AppInsight Monitors by selecting them in the object type drop down menu of the other custom object resources


          Play around with the custom object resource options and preview them via trial and error until you get what you want displayed. I have another good idea that may be better in another reply.

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            Parker Robinson

            You could also accomplish this in Network Atlas, a program that resides on the Orion application server. Open Network Atlas and create a new map so that you have a blank background. On the left side of the screen, is a list of all Orion objects that you are monitoring. Look for your Applications, and drag and drop them onto the map. For example, all of your SQL application objects. You can right click the objects to change the appearance/icon. You can also use a background image if you want. Play around with it until you get the Application Overview "map" the way you want. Save your Application map.


            To display it in the web console, add the resource called "Map" to any one of your dashboards or a new summary page. Preview the page or submit it after adding the Map resource. Click on Edit in the Map resource and select the map you just saved in Network Atlas.