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    NPM 11.5 to 12.0 upgrade issues


      Hi All,


      Our Orion environment has quite a few Solarwinds components like NPM, IPAM, NTA, APE, FOE, Engineers Toolset, WHD, LEM. We upgraded the environment to the newest 12.0 NPM.

      A few issues that we are facing -

      1. Map Loading takes quite a long time

      2. Web Console timeout issues

      3. Adding Nodes intermittently fails

      4. In general, slow performance

      5. Event and Alerts are now visible to all users that used to be only visible to group assigned users (WAN users saw only WAN events & alerts, LAN users saw only LAN events & alerts based on the node grouping)


      We have a few support tickets opened with Solarwinds Support teams and have shared the logs.


      We may have to take a call of moving back to 11.5, in case these issues persist. Reaching out to the community for help.