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    Como desinstalar solarwinds 12


      Como desinstalar solarwinds 12


      Instale en mi pc portátil la versión de prueba de solarwindws NPM y SAM, me pueden ayudar por favor con algún doc o pg donde me indique como desinstalar el programa, ya revise y verifique las funciones y ya no lo necesito más.

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          From what Google translate tells me is that you want to uninstall Solarwinds from your PC.


          You need to go to "Applications and Program"s and uninstall all Solarwinds Products. Solarwinds also ships with a SQL Express edition that you can uninstall if you no longer need it. Don't forget to also delete the SQL database files.

          As far as I know also MSMQ is installed by the Solarwinds Installation so you can also remove that from the Windows Features.


          Other than that I would recommend using a VM or a Installation you can trash afterwards for your next try, there is just too many stuff that is being installed with such a major enterprise Product like solarwinds.


          Hope that helps,