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    Monitoring Cisco router NAT translations


      Does SolarWinds supports monitoring of cisco router NAT translation?

      If yes, are there any special configuration on the router aside from the snmp?

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          I'd like to do the same thing - monitor and trend the number of NAT translations on my edge router.  I can "show ip nat translatiions" and it gives me a total.  I've opened a case with Cisco TAC, to ask them what the MIB is.  I'll post here if I hear anything.  I have a ISR Gen2 4451 router.

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            TAC said it's in development, but not supported at the moment.


            In the meantime, I found a script to run cli commands, export it to a MIB which NPM should be able to read and chart:




            It seems to be working on my ISR 4451 with code:

            Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 03.16.02.S - Extended Support Release

            Cisco IOS Software, ISR Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.5(3)S2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)


            I'm going to copy and paste, in case this page disappears:




            IOS-XE supports the SNMP MIB since 3.15 version


            And there are at least two methods for a manipulating expression-MIB

            1) With EEM Tcl script (The right way)

            I.e this Tcl script: Cli Value 2 Snmp Expr MIB

            2) With EEM CLI applet (Simple, but potentially can conflict with other EEM applets).


            Below lab config (Use at your own risk!):

            1. Create expression owner


            snmp mib expression owner nat name 1
              description Total active translations
              value type integer32



            2. EEM applet


            Every 10 minutes the applet sets the total number of translations to expression MIB.
            The SNMP OID for pullig

            How to calculate OID: Custom MIB (page10)


            no event manager applet test
            event manager applet test
            event timer watchdog time 600 maxrun 60
            action 010 cli command "enable"
            action 030 cli command "configure terminal"
            action 040 cli command "do-exec show ip nat translations total"
            action 090 regexp "^.+\s([0-9]+)" "$_cli_result" match total_translations
            action 100 cli command "snmp mib expression owner nat name 1"
            action 110 if $_regexp_result eq "1"
            action 120  cli command "expression $total_translations"
            action 130 else
            action 140  cli command "expression 0"
            action 150  cli command "exit"
            action 160 end

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              After about 18 hours of monitoring ...