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    Can you update Client location with SQL


      I want to do a bulk update of the location field for my clients.

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          It might be possible to do it with SQL, but i don't think that is supported if you were to mess something up.


          The supported way would be to:


          • [If you are using LDAP to pull in your Clients AND your Active Directory has current Location information set in the user records] Map the Location field by editing the LDAP connection and going to the Attribute Mappings tab.   Once that is saved, you can wait for the next scheduled LDAP sync to occur (if you have it set to recur periodically) or you can kick off a sync manually to update the records with that 'new' information.


          • [If you are not using LDAP to pull in your Clients] Go to Setup -> Data Import -> Import Assets and get a template (.CSV, .TSV, or Excel).  On that page, note what field is specified as the "Sync Based On" field.     Then, open up the template (usually with Excel) and populate at least that "Sync Based On" field and the Location field.  Lastly, import that in from that page.    For the records that already exist, it should match based on the Sync Based On field and update the Client records.