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    PSN Compliance


      I have a requirement for protective monitoring as part of Public Services Network (PSN) Compliance. To keep all monitoring in one place, a SolarWinds tool is preferred but I am unsure of which modules would allow this kind of functionality? Has anyone else used Solarwinds products as part of their PSN, or could recommend the best product for the job please?

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          Hi Sam,


          I've only just come across your post now. Log & Event Manager can certainly assist with PSN/GPG compliance (guide attached). Network Configuration Manager can also assist in terms of the baseline of configs across your network devices & ensuring real-time change detection, backups and more.


          Any questions please let me know

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            We have used the NCM compliance functionality in the past in a similar way. It ensures that devices do and do not have specific things turned on or off.


            Take a look at this solarwinds lab as it may help. SolarWinds Lab #34: Amp Up Your Network Configuration and Compliance with SolarWinds NCM

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              I have monitored PSN using Solarwinds.


              The first question you need to ask yourself is, what are you trying to monitor? I assume you either have PSN accreditation or are in the process of getting it? Do you also have CAS-T?


              I have used NPM with VNQM to monitor PSN to prove end to end connectivity in the various PSN QoS classes. I also used NCM to provide evidence of compliance to documented standards for Audits and remediation of non compliance.


              LEM was not a good product for log and event management and my team of developers actually ended up building our own system for this.


              If you would like to know more about monitoring PSN or need some help then send me a message and we can arrange a call or something.





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