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    How to remove Home link


      Hi!  I like to know if there is a way to remove the Home link that is displayed on the left hand side right under the Solarwinds logo.  I created a DirectLink account and I want to avoid the users from navigating away from the page that I sent them.  For example if I sent them a link to a page of a group, the group details are displayed and under the Solarwinds logo the Home link is displayed.  This link allows the user to navigate to the groups summary where all groups are displayed. 


      So, can the Home link be removed?




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          If you create a custom login, pointing the user towards a custom View and Toolbar, then the Home link will always point back to the page you designate as your summary page.


          We give our clients a custom View and when they click Home at any point it simply goes to the Summary page we define.


          1. Create custom user restricting their access to just one Group

          2. Create a custom View and a custom toolbar with the views they need

          3. Assign HomeTab Menu Bar to the custom View for the user


          Or, assign 'None' to HomeTab menu bar. But Home will show up if they drill down anyway.


          You also need to restrict objects in the users account in the Account Limitations section. We restrict to one group per client. Seems to work well so far.


          There are security holes in doing this though since people can guess URLs/ViewIDs.


          Hope this helps.

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