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    Help on monitoring memory utilization for Linux/net-SNMP/AIX devices


      Hi All,


      Need some help guys...


      We have few Linux and AIX devices and we need to memory utilization to be monitored. By configuring the default way the team is coming back stating its not correct...from the device console they are seeing that lot of space is still available but Orion is alerting on it. Our configuration and threshold is fine and verified.


      Are there any specific MIB's that are used for Linux/AIX/net-SNMP Linux devices?? I went through a lot of threads but still not clear...


      Also I checked for below MIB's for few devices but m getting different output for different devices. => memTotalReal => memAvailReal => memBuffer => memCache



      1. I get End of MIB for few when I try to run SNMPwalk.

      2. For few it states that OID not increasing.

      3. I have tried UnDP also and there for most of the devices I get either No such name or No value returned while testing.