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    Top 15 Patches Missing Resource Issues


      Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


      SCCM/WSUS/PM Integration


      Patching seems to be working fine, but the resources in the Orion site are "off" (see below)


      Basically, once a patch (from any publisher) is "Deployed", it shows up on this resource, ignoring the actual applicability rules within the package.


      In other words, when deploying a Windows 8.1 patch, based on this inventory we would expect it to be missing on ~338 machines. However, this resource is showing a count from the perspective of ALL nodes, not just the ones that actually need this update.



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          This may not be totally helpful but Orion with patch manager is near worthless.  I would not even attempt to look at or use anything in Orion with PM, just stick to the MMC

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            I've noticed the same thing. However, it seems to get caught up somewhat once the SCCM inventory gets updated on the endpoints. 

            If you have right-click tools installed on SCCM you can always manually kick off a 'software updates scan cycle' on the SCCM collection(s). My environment is only about 1/3 your size, but you could still probably run it against the all-systems collection and have it finish in 15 minutes.

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                Great observation.


                In this situation, it was actually that the client had disabled WSUS reporting when installing SCCM. Updating that and then running some new inventory jobs got everything straightened out.


                Configuring Software Updates in Configuration Manager


                You can also configure whether to create WSUS reporting events on the Synchronization Source page of the wizard or on the on the Sync Settings tab in Software Update Point Component Properties. Configuration Manager does not use these events; therefore, you will normally choose the default setting Do not create WSUS reporting events.