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    How to change filter criteria??


      Dear all,


      Is there anyway, we can change/update the filter criteria of the assets while creating a request?


      Right now all assets are being shown according to Department, can we show according to the user???


      Quick response will be highly appreciated.


      Thanks all.

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          In this scenario is it the Tech that is creating the ticket, or the end-user (Client) that is creating it?


          On the Tech side when i create a ticket, after i associate the Client account with the ticket on the "Client Info" tab i can then go to the "Asset info" tab and choose assets to associate with the ticket.


          If the Client that i chose on the first tab has any assets assigned to them, I can see those near the top and choose one.   Alternatively, i could search by other criteria (node name, department, location, IP address, etc...) using the search field that is further down the page:

          2016-08-04 14_49_32-den-demo-whd-a.dmz.local_helpdesk_WebObjects_Helpdesk.woa_wa_TicketActions_view.png