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    Emailed Alerts


      We just integrated Solarwinds and I only have access to the web gui and have the following alerts:

      Active Alert Details - Alert me when a component goes into warning or critical state - on  Status   Pages/sec

      I would like to be able to be alerted via email to a specified Distribution group that i've setup. I'm starting to dig further down the rabbit hole of endless documentation online but cannot seem to find a valid article that addressing this> how do I perform this please?

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          Log into the Alert Central appliance as an administrator. Click on Settings (in the upper right corner between the username and Help). On the Alert Central Settings page, click on Configure Orion Alert Sources. Either add a new Orion source, using the + Add New Orion Source button in the upper left, or if the source has already been added, click on the check box next to the source and click Edit in the toolbar above the sources. Click on Route to Group under the Edit Orion NPM banner near the top left (or click on Next> at the bottom right), then set up your routing rules. Click + Add new matching rule to add a new rule, then fill in the fields to the right to properly route the message to the desired support group. You can use the Alert Summary, the Object Name, the Severity, and/or text in an Orion field to route the alert. Select the group to receive the alert in the top drop-down of the Configure Rule box on the right; note that the default rule is to "trash the alert (do not assign it)". The drop down will display a list of groups currently defined. Click Next> in the lower right to go to the test page to test the new rule, or click Done in the lower right to commit the edit (or add more rules, if you'd like).

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