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    Netflow report, - Internal vs. Internet traffic


      I believe I can create a very useful report by mining data in NTA.


      All of the internal addresses at my company are RFC 1918 addresses. (Mostly /8.)


      I wonder if the report write could generate a report based on netflow data as to how much of the traffic on my network is internal,,, & how much is routed to the internet.


      Let's says I want to examine our users at the corp headquarters building.

      How much traffic is from / 8 to a /8 address ?
      Anything from / 8 to a non-RFC 1918 address is internet traffic.




      Can I create a report like that & leave the results on a pie chart ?

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          Yes, I think you can accomplish this fairly easily and intuitively with NTA. 


          For example, I wanted to display information learned through NTA that showed which the top destination domains my organization uses.  Using only the canned options in NTA, I was able to get all the graphed views and pie graphs I wanted, and have them filter out any of my own organization's internal domains, thus showing only outside domains in the graphs.


          I believe you can do the same, simply filtering out the 10.x addresses you don't want shown.


          Here's what I built:


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