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    Can you Migrate updates from Old IPAM install to the new IPAM installation


      I set up a new Solarwinds installation in May 2016, and a Loop1 consultant migrated the IPAM data from the old installation to the new one. . Unfortunately, I was unfamiliar with the security system, so I did not know who to make the old IPAM read only( which I learned how to do last week ). As a result , there are new entries , including hierarchical, in the old installation that I need to move to the new installation.


      If there an existing method for doing a non-destructive import of IPAM entries? If not, is there a way to run a diff on entries, based on date of the entry, to know what needs to be imported?


      Worst case, I can ask my users to manually recreate their entries, which is prone to error, so I would like to avoid that option if possible.