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    Top-N Widgets Question


      Hi All,


      We have a peculiar behavior on the dashboard of virtualization manager.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the number of VMs displayed in "Top-N" widgets.  For example, "Top-N: VM Network I/O" shows 51, while "Top-N: VM Storage Throughput" is displaying 6.  This makes it very difficult to get a clear snapshot of which machines are truly high-utilization.  Has anyone else noticed this problem?  We are running Hyper-V.



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          Those Top-N widgets use by default utilization of read operations. To have a better idea of VMs with overall high utilization, I would recommend to clone/modify that Top-N widget and change the defining query to consider read and write utilization together. For the case of Top-N VM Storage Throughput the query will then look like "vm.powerstate:poweredOn AND -vm.totalThroughput.latest:0 AND vm.origin:Hyper-V" and sort field will be vm.totalThroughput.latest

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            Look under Edit Widget - Report and see what number it is set to.