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    NPM v12 Swis v3 high cpu and ram use. Anyone else seeing this?




      I'm wondering if anyone else has seen Swis v3 consuming upwords of nearly 2 gigs or more of ram and CPU close to at times 70% use sustained. Right around that time the IIS process will also use about another 30% cpu and around another 2 gigs in memory usage and hang the site in the process or cause Request timed out errors to come up. Almost like it's running some very large query against the database and just holding the entire system up. I checked swis v3 and it's creating log after log after log files. Checking the logs I see it peppered with many different error messages. Some are low level errors that don't really impact anything but others are higher level impact like queries running for a really long time. Sometimes many long running queries all together at once. Can't seem to pin point if that's something custom created outside of my knowledge or if this is some sort of memory leak and or any other design issue with the component.


      I fail to believe it's anything custom because in prior versions this never happened. And swis v3 didn't misbehave. I've installed all hot-fixes. And patches and applied all suggestions from support but still no permanent fix.


      Anyone seen this? Any suggestions? Any opinions? It is all welcomed at this point of my investigation trying to resolve this in our environment.