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    Problem: Clients not reporting to WSUS / wrong client version




      Actually I have some single systems which are downloading no updates from wsus.

      Things I have already tried:

      - Reset Authorization with detectnow

      - Reset SoftwareDistribution-Folder

      - Reset WMI-Repository

      - Reinstalled Standalone Version of WSUS client component (no error message on install, but timestamps of the components wuauclt.exe and wuaueng.dll are from 2015 (changed 20.10.2015, create/last access 11.11.2015)


      I can see the following behavior:

      - Systems connecting to WSUS ("Last Contact" on every reboot of the client) but "last reported" empty

      - actually the Windows Update Client versions are:

           - on functional clients: 7.6.7601.23453 ( --> I don't know which KB provides this version for installing manually)

           - on Client with Error lower version: example: 7.6.7601.19161

      - wuaueng.dll causes svchost to eat up around 50% cpu usage


      How can I solve this? How can I reset Windows Updat eComponents to a version after fresh install?

      A new installed Win7 SP1 updates correctly.