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    If I had $1 for every Thwack point, I'd have $101,286!!

    Craig Norborg

      Whohoo!  Finally broke 100,000!!  Took me many, many years since I first joined Thwack, but really scored most of those points in the last couple years.


      Thought it was going to take another week or two (or longer), but I noticed that when I linked my Customer Portal Account to my Thwack account it didn't really take I guess.   As an MVP I was invited to do it prior to the general release and something must have gone wrong.   So I unlinked and relinked it and all of a sudden I'm over 100K!   Now that's a great surprise!


      Hope all of you have enjoyed the content I've posted, esp. the resources and compliance rules and such!   Hoping to do much more in the future!!


      Now, on to some useless facts...


      If I had 100,000 Vietnamese dong's (their currency, get your minds out of the gutter!), I could buy about $4.49 US or what, maybe a gallon of milk?


      100,000 Indian Rupee's would be about $1500 USD, not bad compared to the dong!


      100,000 Columbian Peso's would get me about $32.50 USD, maybe dinner and a movie?  Might have to skimp on the popcorn or soda though!


      100,000 Tanzanian Shillings would be about $46 USD, maybe I could take a date to the movie?


      100,000 South Korean Won's would be about $90 USD.   Couldn't say you "won" the jackpot with that!


      You know, in retrospect, 100,000 Thwack points can actually be a good deal in perspective!    Can get pretty much anything I want out of the Thwack store, except for the Thwack game table.   Might still save up for the Thwack Dodge Viper though, maybe by the time they post it, I will have enough points!