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    Reporting Query




      You'll have to forgive me if this sounds a bit convoluted;


      I'm after a report that says if the utilisation on a given interface reaches >90% email me with the details of all other interfaces that are currently receiving or transmitting more than 50Mbps of traffic.


      I'm not sure if this type of reporting is even possible, but it would be really helpful. We basically have an internet facing interface that is set to 100Mbps and, on occasion, it can reach around 95% utilisation. I'm being asked what causes these spikes, but it's hard to retrospectively go back and try and report on this. What makes it even trickier is the connection in and out of the organisation is 100Mbps but all the other interfaces (to servers etc.) are at least gigabit so if the utilisation of our outbound interface is showing high, it wouldn't show similarly high utilisation on the gigabit interfaces as they have a higher bandwidth.


      I appreciate it won't say with absolute certainty, but if I could get a report that triggers when the specific interface reaches 90% utilisation which lists any other interfaces sending/receiving more than 50Mbps of traffic it might give me a better idea about what could be causing it.


      All ideas gratefully received.


      Thanks in advance.