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    Cisco WLC HA pair as netflow exporter


      Hi all,


      Today I upgraded our Orion platform to the newest versions (NPM 12, NTA 4.2). I was excited to see that Cisco WLCs being supported was one of the feature additions in the new NTA release. Our WLCs are running as an HA pair, on 8.0.x code.


      The issue that I'm running into is as follows - we have the HA VIP as the monitored IP address for our controllers in NPM. It appears that the controllers export flow data from the currently active box's management IP address, not the VIP. To add to that, it looks like in an HA setup, certain things are disabled from being usable on the currently active node's management address (SNMP does not appear to be exposed on the active node's management address - only the VIP and standby node respond to SNMP queries).


      Looking at the admin guide for NTA, an SNMP-polled node is a requirement to be added as a netflow source, so I wouldn't be able to add an ICMP-only device and have it register as a flow source.


      Has anyone else successfully implemented Netflow with Cisco WLCs on the new NTA version?