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    How to create Account Limitation by Operating system?


      Our support groups align along technology/operating system, such Unix, Windows, Virtualization, Network(router/switch) etc. I'm creating account limitations such that when they login, they only see systems and alerts that pertain to what they support. So a Windows admin would not see a Unix system, and vice-versa. An F5 tech would only want to see F5 systems, and so on.


      Looking at the built-in fields , the Machine Type looks like the best property available. I wanted to use "Vendor"  as that values there line up practically 1 for 1 to our technology groups. There is VMware = Virtualization, there is Windows = Windows server team, there is net-snmp = Unix/Linux team, and so on. But for some reason that is not available.


      For the Machine Type, Windows*Server (all version of window server ) would work, but I don't know the wildcard syntax for that.

      So my questions are :

      1) Is there a way to use vendor field

      2) If not, what syntax can I use to match on 'contains Windows and Server' ?

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          You can do this by choosing the "Group of Machine Types" limitation type:



          Then, place a check mark next to the OS'/models of nodes you want the account to be limited to:



          You'll notice there is also a "Machine Type Pattern" type of limitation as well.  To me the checkboxes are easier.

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            After I put some thought into it, I realized that the vendor is likely to change when switch Windows and Linux system to the Solarwinds Agent, so machine type is the way to go, My only concern with checkboxes is when a new version of Windows is introduced. Most like, I won't be told when this happens, and the Windows team will be not have access to the new servers as a result. For the Unix team, it looks like using "Linux or Solaris" will work as we do not have any other 'nix's in our environment.