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    Network Sonar Discovery Exclusion by Vendor


      In NPM 12, what would be the best approach to configure  "Automatically monitor base on my defines monitoring settings" Define Monitoring settings to ignore discovered devices by Vendor?

      Basically, I want the automatic discovery to ignore HP Jet Direct Printers, KONICA and EPSON printers.

      Thanks in advance

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          The "Choose What To Monitor" portion of the Discovery wizard shown in your screen shot is for choosing what Interfaces to monitor.  That won't exclude whether or not a printer or copier gets added in as a node, it will simply exclude the printers' or copiers' interfaces from being monitored.  The nodes themselves would still be added.


          To exclude certain device types like printer/scanner/copier's from getting added in during an automatic scan will require you to either feed the discovery a list/range of addresses that do not include the undesired elements (I believe you can also use AD Groups or OU's, which would make adding in the desired Windows servers a breeze, but wouldn't help for other device types), or do what I do, which is let the discovery bring all that junk in, then just go into Manage Nodes, group by Vendor or Machine Type, click on the Vendor or Machine Type value you don't want (so you could click on Vendor "Konica" for example), then select all of the Konica nodes in the Manage Nodes table and click Delete. 


          If you'd like to automate this process you could create a PowerShell script using the Orion SDK that runs as a scheduled task and deletes Nodes of a certain Machine Type and/or Vendor (be careful with which Vendors you choose to delete.  Often times Machine Type is better.  For example, HP may make printers, but they also make switches, blade chassis, and other device types that you may want to monitor.  Whereas Konica pretty much just makes Printers/Copiers which you almost definitely won't want to be monitoring in Orion.).


          As a side note, in your example above you have "Node Name does not contain HP/Konica".  Unless you guys are actually putting the words HP/Konica in your node names, I'm fairly certain you meant "Vendor does not contain HP/Konica".  Not that it matters anyways because, like I said, that's only for excluding Interfaces.  Just saying though.

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