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    Add SRM data to an AppStack report


      We recently upgraded all of our SolarWinds components (NPM, NCM, IPAM, VMAN, etc).  We're currently on NPM v12 and all the most recent versions of the other components.  Following the upgrade, our AppStack report (written in SWQL) no longer worked, and SW support was unable to rewrite the query successfully.  This report tells us the main application running on each server node in Orion, along with other pertinent information.


      Our DBA was able to write a new SQL query, which works well and gives us most of the same information that the original report contained.  However, he was unable to incorporate data from the SRM tables in the SW database.  The main information we need in the report corresponds with the following queries:


      SELECT name FROM SRM_StorageArrays

      SELECT name FROM SRM_Pools


      The full query for the rest of the report is attached.  Any assistance incorporating the data from these SRM tables would be much appreciated.


      Thank you.