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    Dashboard not reporting correctly from query


      I have a dashboard I setup to show me closed tickets this year (2016) sorted by department.  I've built a query in the search screen that searches tickets that match the following criteria:

      When I run this query I receive a list of 2,304 different items.  I have then gone into the dashboard and setup a widget to use the Closed tickets this year query and set the category of department.

      Once the dashboard refreshes, I unfortunately am way off from the number I received when I do the query.  I even set it to show the top 30 items just in case there were some mislabeled departments that were messing up the numbers.  My dashboard only shows 303 items.  So this is quite a bit missing from the number my query pulls.  What am I missing?  Has any one ran into this before?

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          I found out the issue.  It was a setting found in the General Options page.  If you go into Setup - General - Options, there is a setting for "Max Weeks of Data in Dashboard".  It was set to 2.  This was either a default setting or I set this so long ago that I don't remember doing it.  Either way, I set it to Unlimited and now my numbers are correct.  I discovered the setting by reading a post a few days ago.  billypilgrim was the person who pointed me towards this setting in the thread Old, unclosed tickets no longer visible? Thought it would be helpful to post this in case someone else happens to run into this problem.

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