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    Netpath not working (eval)


      Hello all,


      I installed the eval for several products (NPM, UDT, NCM, SAM) in a lab and I wanted to see how well netpath performed. However, the paths never load (including the default google service).


      I did some digging and the netpath log says the following


      SolarWinds.NetPath.Pollers.Traceroute.TraceroutePoller - NetPath_10057_E_051F37B5 Failed to create traceroute job:

      System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'PcapDotNet.Core.DLL' or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found.

      File name: 'PcapDotNet.Core.DLL'

         at SolarWinds.NetPath.Agent.Probe.Traceroute.Jobs.TcpTracerouteJobFactory.<CreateSenderSettings>d__9.MoveNext()



      .net is installed

      netpath is installed

      agent installed on primary poller and running

      PcapDotNet.Core.DLL is in several places including netpath folder

      Firewall is disabled



      I uninstalled and reinstalled netpath and reran the config wizard (and rebooted 3 times... while holding my breath... and spinning in a circle.... chanting random star wars quotes).



      I would really like to see how well this service works as it would be a huge benefit to my organization... but it no workie right now


      Any thoughts


      Thank you



        • Re: Netpath not working (eval)

          I added another probe and it started working. (its amazing by the way).


          In the database, the primary poller has a probeID of NULL, while the one that is working has a probeID of 3. Should the primary poller have a defined id in that field? and should it be 1?


          This was a fresh install of all the products I mentioned above, all at the same time. everything else is working smoothly.


          net path is amazing... like... really amazing.



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