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    SoapUI call within NPM?


      Ok, so I'm new to SoapUI, but basically we have an API with a paging system called MIR3 I'd like to trigger from within SolarWinds NPM. I've tested the commands within SoapUI on another machine and they work fine-does anyone have any suggestions for running/calling that from within NPM? We only have NPM and NetFlow, so not any more SDK/etc tools to pull from, even though I don't know whether they have this functionality built-in.



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          Might needs a little more info but it sounds like you want to trigger an alert to your MIR3 paging system? The alert action that you'll need to use is either 'Send a GET or POST Request to a web server' or 'Execute an external program.'


          On the first option, since it's a SOAP request, it'll most likely require a POST to the 3rd party API's. You'd have to fill that info in and include the Orion variables of the alert.


          On the second option, you'd have the external program basically execute a script (preferably powershell) that can make the SOAP request and pass in the alert variables.


          In a former life i used a sms/paging service called clickatell where i passed in alerts via their rest API. I published my scripts and setup here if that helps.

          Clickatell - SMS Gateway - Alert Overview

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              That's correct, and I'd prefer to just call it directly within NPM with the POST request, but when I do that I get a 'Failed to execute HTTP request' error. I've tried both HTTP and HTTPS URL for the 3rd party API (MIR3), but to no avail. Do you have any idea if there's something specific that must be enabled elsewhere? Here's the syntax of my POST:


              <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ws="http://www.mir3.com/ws">




















              <ws:notification>NOTIFICATION NAME</ws:notification>


              <ws:additionalText> This is just the additional text</ws:additionalText>









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                  Did you make any progress? I am getting the same "Failed to execute HTTP request" message going to AlertFind.

                  Not a helpful message all in all. Have you found a log to adjust to see better messaging?




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                      I actually don't recall what fixed it-I want to say it was a permissions issue within Windows, but I'm not certain now. In any case I did get it working fully. I know there was the option to change users within Windows that I tried for a bit but didn't end up needing to do, so I think it was more simple than that. I did find I had to delete the generated file every time the alert fires because otherwise it would just add to the same file and the alert would fail.