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    Scalability / Additional Poller(s) : How to ?


      Hello all,


      For more than a year, I use Solarwinds product quite hapily and I'am a regular viewer of Thwack Forums that have helped me a lot.

      But today I'm totally lost regarding some points and need some of your help.


      In quick words :

      - Historicaly, we have only one Orion Poller that monitor all our networks devices WorldWide

      - A project have been launched to deploy two more pollers to have a distributed polling system like : EMEA (current) - AMER - APAC -- plus -- the Enterprise Operation Console to aggragate all pollers data.

      - For this purpose, I've made the company to buy two more NPM Licences (SLX (current) + 2 new SL500) and one EOC Licence.

      - EOC have been setuped on a new server.

      - AMER Poller have been setuped on another new server.

      - APAC Poller isn't deployed at the moment.

      - In EOC, i've added the EMEA and AMER Pollers as "SolarWinds Servers"


      In a quick schema, it looks like this :

      PPT PREZ RC NTWK.png


      My questions are these ones :

      - I would like to transfer some nodes from our historical poller to the new AMER Poller. (In my idea, the EOC was here to make pollers to be linked together but I think I'am completly wrong on this point.)

      ==> Could you please tell me how can I make this ?


      - I've read some months ago, maybe wrongly, that for additionnal pollers only the NPM Licence should be unique by poller but that other modules (like IPAM/NTA/NCM ...) don't need this.

      ==> Does it mean that I can re-activate my IPAM Product Key (for ex.) on the two new pollers ?

      ==> Are our current licences (3 x NPM + 1 EOC + 1x(NCM/NTA/IPAM)) enough to make what we want ?


      I've read some documentations but some links or guess doesn't look to be correct anymore.

      (Also some references to something to download (about additional poller) on the customer portal that i can't see)


      If i'm not clear on some points, do not hesitate to tell me, i will try to be more precise .
      In advance, many many thanks !